8 Trigram Qigong

These forms are Dragon Spirit Qi Gong, representing the element of water. The movements are all about flow, one form seamlessly transitions into another, offering gentle and smooth massage of the internal organs and focusing mainly on the body’s core.

8 Trigram Qi Gong promotes a healthy supple spine, moving it gently through its full range of motion. Forms learned:

  • Throwing Away the Trash
  • Dragon Back
  • Dragon Whips its Tail
  • Serving Tea Cups
  • Rabbit Springs
  • Separating Heaven and Earth
  • Spiral Palm
  • Dragon Ball

You’ll also learn the organ, element, emotion and antidote associated with each form, Qigong meditation along with deep Qigong breathing techniques

8 Trigram Qi Gong works to heal and bring balance to the spine, organs and meridians of the body, promoting the flow of Qi (Chi), and improving the body’s mobility, strength, flexibility and balance.