Accountability Begins With Self-Care

Taking care of you~Abu Dhabi World Magazine With our busy lives, endless to-do lists and responsibilities, it can often feel selfish to make time for you. But Kasey Conrad, founder of ChangeWorks Holistics, says that you need to for your own wellbeing… “I believe that everything we do for ourselves and the time we take

Qi Gong & Cancer Survivors

Qi Gong for Cancer Patients For thousands of years Qi Gong has been practiced as a form of preventative as well as a therapeutic and rehabilitation program. These three purposes are all extremely important to those living with cancer. White Tiger Medical Qi Gong is a perfect addition to most cancer patients’ treatment regimens. I have

Find Your BFF in the Mirror

Find your BFF in the Mirror Are you your own best friend?  If not, isn’t NOW a good time to change that? The most important and longest lasting relationship you’ll ever have, is the relationship you have with yourself. If this relationship is out of balance nothing in your life can be in balance. Self-love